LOVD Gene configuration area

The configuration area is the default starting place for authorized users and can be accessed by clicking the 'Configuration' tab in the menu. If you do not see a 'Configuration' tab, you first need to log into the system with a curator, manager or administrator account.

From here curators can get a quick status overview of the currently selected gene, quickly curate all uncurated entries, perform special "find and replace" actions on all variants, configure what kind of data is stored about the variants, change gene settings, and download and import variant and patient data.

The options available in the LOVD gene configuration area are accessible through the configuration area main page, but also through the quick navigation bar directly below the navigation tabs. It allows you to quickly navigate to other configuration options without having to go through the main page. Some options may not be available, depending on the status of your selected gene.

Since the configuration area is gene specific, you'll need to switch to the gene you wish to work on. To switch to a different gene, select the green "Switch gene" icon next to the currently selected gene name above the menu tabs on the top of the screen, and select the gene you'd like to work on.

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